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Genbox Trading


We give you everything you need to succeed

Cutting-edge Software

Our easy to use software allows you to discover, and automatically code, your own unique automated trading systems for MT4.

Comprehensive Training

We provide a complete online training course covering both the theory and practice of algorithmic trading so that you can quickly and confidently operate a portfolio of unique trading systems.

Practical Support

We regularly host live interactive workshops that focused on helping our subscribers successfully operate their trading system portfolio.

Automate the Discovery and Operation of Profitable Trading Systems

One of the most difficult aspects of trading is discovering, and applying, a trading edge. Our AI-based software is far more productive than a human in discovering, testing and creating profitable trading systems from hidden patterns in pricing.

Trade securities automatically across multiple markets stress free 24/7

It is no longer necessary to manually trade the markets live. Free up your valuable time and compress a 65 hour trading week (London open to the New York close) to a 4 hour trading week.

Analyse to know your odds of success

Never again trade not knowing the odds of success. With Genbox, you can analyse and backtest your trading systems and always keep risk under control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn to use Genbox Trading.

Currently Genbox is able to export Robots to Metatrader4.

Soon it’ll be able to export code to more platforms: Metatrader5, Tradestation and Multicharts.

All CFDs listed on your broker. We recommend use it with Forex, Equity Indices and Stocks.
No. It is precisely designed so that any trader can start algorithmic trading from scratch using cutting-edge technology.
No. Genbox is designed to work without writing a single line of code, after your exploration has finished you can export your system and the software will write the code for you.
Yes. You can create Robots using the free version, but you will need a full license to be able to export and trade them.
After downloading Genbox, you can join our private community where users will help you build your strategies and use the software. You also have a support ticket for technical problems.
No one can guarantee you results in Trading, but many of our users have obtained significant results using our Software and even some have won multiple awards on trading competitions.